Deep Breaths

What makes us all so different? Are we not searching for the same thing? A calm in the middle of our storm. A chance to breath the air that surrounds and recognize its ultimate beauty. To feel the rushing vibrations, move through our body and cause us to shutter. We all want some sort of sense of accomplishment. To be able to look back on our life as we lay on our death and say “Yes, it was all worth it.” What have we done today? What is it that we can look back in today or even yesterday and say it was worth it? Do one thing every day. One thing that causing a moment of refreshing. A moment that makes you proud. Whether it be picking an old or new hobby. Maybe it is helping a friend in need. Or paying the person behind you in a drive through. Could just be taking time for yourself. Each step of self-improvement affects the world around us. We may not see it now. In time things start to change. Just like it takes time for a flower to bloom. We can’t fix our problems in a day. Water yourself daily. Watch how you change and how the world around you change. This is where hope is found. This is how we change the world.

So why we do we treat each other so different? What causes us to believe that colors or culture really separate us? It is already evident in the world that people can co-exist. At our base we are born the same and return to the earth the same. Every situation and every person is different. However, we all struggle, we all fall and we all need people. When we take away all the labels, prejudices and pre-conceived notions about each other, we open up the possibility for self-improvement. For change greater than any of us. Though it is cloudy and sometimes feels unattainable, I see hope for change in small moments. When we put ourselves aside and realize the only way to fix anything is for everyone to lay down their barriers, to look past differences and see the people in front of them, we grow. We bloom. We experience feelings we had been chasing our entire lives. The same feelings we are told money and stuff were supposed to provide.  Change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes one act, everyday. When we practice, practice becomes habit, habit becomes character, character is the measure of us all. In a way, we never grew up from our childhood. We all still throw fits. We all argue and fight. We are all still stubborn and unwilling to see past our own selfish desires. The difference is that now that we are adults, we are affecting our world in terrible ways.

My favorite quote is “Be the change we want to see in the world.” When we consider our decisions we make everyday and pit them against the outcome or consequences, we see that what we do affects more than just us. We cannot survive on our own and we are never really alone. Consider what you do every moment of everyday. Whether you realize it or not, you are affecting the way people, including children, see the world and react to it.


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